Massage Therapy for the Charlottesville Community

AquaFloat offers a wide variety of modalities in therapeutic massage. Whether you are looking for a Swedish/Relaxation massage to compliment your floating experience or a Deep Tissue massage to focus on specific areas of pain and discomfort, we have a licensed massage therapist qualified to meet your needs.

Added Bonus: Every massage includes the use of Hot Towels to aid in warming and relaxing the muscles to further enhance the benefits of the massage!

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A Range of Massage Options

All of our Licensed Massage Therapists have been specifically trained to perform superior therapeutic massage techniques. While the therapist will listen to your needs and develop a plan accordingly, the following modalities maybe of focus or integrated into the treatment:

  •      Swedish
  •      Deep Tissue
  •      Triggerpoint  
  •      Reiki 
  •      Myofascial Release
  •      Coming Soon-  Manual Lymphatic Drainage,  CranioSacral Therapy, Prenatal/Postpartum and Aromatherapy
  • Swedish/Relaxation Massage:

    A relaxing massage that includes specific areas of focus to reduce tension, relieve stress and promote healing.

  • 45 minute: $60 | 60 minute $80 | 90 minute $100
  • Deep Tissue

    One step further to the Swedish massage, this allows for deeper layers of muscles to be addressed to achieve maximum relief of overworked areas.

  • 60 minute: $80 | 90 minute: $100
  • Float and Massage Combinations

    This combination is the most popular here. The question is which to do first!
    All floats are 90 minutes. You can choose from a 45, 60 or 90 minute massage to pair with your float.

  • 45 min/90 min: $110 | 60 min/90 min: $130 | 90 min/ 90 min: $150
Accessible and Easy Parking

AquaFloat’s convenient location in downtown Charlottesville offers easy on-site parking. You’re seconds away from blissfully sinking into the massage table!

Relaxing Massage Room

Massage Therapy not only provides relaxation – It’s been scientifically proven to relieve stress and anxiety, reduce pain, lower blood pressure, increase circulation, strengthen the immune system, improve posture and increase overall health and well-being of the mind and body.

Float and Massage Combination

Whether to have a massage before or after you float is personal preference – For first time floaters, a massage before the float is recommended to help relax quicker and acclimate to the tank environment. It all boils down to personal needs.

Mind or Body is the question.

Float before Massage – If you’re in need of deep relaxation and some body work done for maximum effects, then a float before the massage may be in order. The warm, relaxing saltwater helps to melt away stress and muscle tension. These loose muscles allows for the massage therapist to get to deeper layers of tension and focus on healing the specific areas in need of relief.

Massage before Float – If your mind is racing and need to decompress and relax before entering the float tank to “turn off,” then this is the way to go. The relaxation massage helps to calm the mind and body and better prepare you for your floating experience.

Meet our Massage Therapists

Danielle Langdon graduated from Frostburg State University in 2011, with a Bachelors of Science degree in Recreation and Parks Management, with an emphasis in Community Development. Upon graduation, she moved back to Charlottesville, where she attended the Virginia School of Massage and graduated in May 2012, earning her massage license through the Virginia Board of Nursing. The following week, she went to work at a Four Seasons Resort, where she regularly practiced many modalities: Sports Massage, Hot Stone, Scrubs, and, of course, Swedish and Deep Tissue. In 2014, she obtained her Personal Training Certification from the Blue Ridge Community College. In July of 2016, she partnered up with Aqua Float, and helped create the massage program that exists today. Danielle is best known for her Deep Tissue Massage, one of which has been described as very slow, very deep, and a “melt you into the table” experience. She has the unique ability to understand the needs of her clients, and, as she moves about, she feels the needs of each individual muscle. From her initial greeting, her aim is to help you feel welcomed, comfortable, cozy, and most of all, more relaxed and refreshed than when you arrived at Aqua Float.


Shara Seals holds a lifelong passion to providing care to humans (and animals) in need. She started her career in high school as an EMT with the local rescue squad soon to realize that she wanted to work in the animal medical field as well. For over 15 years, she was a Licensed Veterinary Technician providing medical care to primarily aquatic animals, dogs and cats in the focus areas of surgery, neurology, emergency medicine and aquatic animal medicine. A changing of the tides occurred and she returned back to focusing on human animals. These experiences provided her a baseline of knowledge in anatomy and physiology, pathology, diseases, and clinical techniques. A recent graduate of the Virginia School of Massage in 2017, Shara strives to provide quality massage techniques by listening to the muscles and becoming attuned to the presentation of the muscles, joints and tissues of her clients. Through the healing powers of touch, she can communicate with the tissues to facilitate effective treatment to the areas of concern. Her accommodating and kind-hearted personality allows space for the client to feel welcomed, comfortable and safe during treatment. Her specialties include a remarkably relaxing Swedish massage, which incorporates myofascial release, deep tissue, trigger point and craniosacral therapy. Future goals for Shara include further training and certifications in CranioSacral therapy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

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