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What is Floating?

Our float pods are in private rooms and hold 12 inches of water saturated with 850 lbs. of Epsom salts, which allows you to float effortlessly and creates a gravity free environment.

The water and the air in the float pod is heated to skin temperature (around 93.5 degrees).  With all temperatures the same and minimal tactile sensation, you eventually lose track of your body.  When you turn off the light in the pod, it is completely dark.

With very little sensory input to process, your mind and body can achieve deep levels of relaxation.

You are always in control of the lid, light, and environment.

How does it work?

Studies have shown that floating in soothing, warm salt water in the absence of sensory input decreases the floater’s level of the stress hormone cortisol- a hormone that fuels our “fight or flight” response- and increases levels of endorphins dopamine- hormones stimulating happiness.  Floating can lead to deep relaxation.  As a result, mood is significantly improved.  An overall sense of peace and wellbeing rises to the surface of consciousness.  Frequently, this mood lasts well beyond your float session. The magnesium from the Epsom salt is absorbed through your skin, draining your body of its lactic acids and relieving your body from sore muscles and chronic pain.

Why Float?

Everyone floats for a different reason, and every float is a different experience. There are many physical and mental benefits to floating, including:

Pain Relief
  • Reduces pain from exercise, fibromyalgia, chronic pain
  • Creates a gravity free environment that allows the body to relax and the magnesium relieves soreness from muscular tension and chronic pain.
Relieves Stress
  • Floating can lower blood pressure and levels of cortisol (commonly known as the “stress hormone”) that fuels our “flight or flight” response.
  • Increases levels of endorphins and dopamine-hormones stimulating happiness.
Muscle Recovery
  • Improves performance, reduces injury, alleviates pain, accelerates recovery, improves coordination and confidence, eliminates post competition letdown.
  • The magnesium in the epsom salt drains your body of its lactic acids and cortisol build-up from your muscles, helping sore muscles recover faster. The relaxing environment is also an ideal place to visualize your athletic endeavors, allowing for increased calmness and confidence during your performance.
Improves sleep
Enhances Meditation
Helps Creativity

Floating, as with almost everything else, gets easier and better the more you do it.  In our busy lives, it’s easy and convenient to come up with excuses to not set time aside for yourself.  Whether it is exercising, eating healthier, setting aside downtime to read or write, life’s hectic pace can make it hard to find time for things you truly enjoy.  While floating a few times a year will provide relaxing experience, we strongly believe that by committing to a regular floating routine you will see the real benefits, you will see significant changes whether you are floating for pain relief, stress reduction, meditative purposes, or any other reasons. Click here to see pricing and packages.