About Aquafloat


AquaFloat is a flotation center with four private flotation rooms; massage therapy, and a full spectrum infrared sauna. Our float rooms are equipped with their own salt water flotation tank and shower plus a fully equipped dressing room, complete with all amenities, including towels, shampoos, and soaps.

After your float, enjoy our tea bar and a selection of books about health, wellness, and spirituality.

Aquafloat is within walking distance of Historic Downtown Charlottesville and has free parking.

About the Owner

Ted O’Neill, former pharmacy owner, and head pharmacist at Meadowbrook Pharmacy, moved to Charlottesville in 2007 with his wife and two children. Ted heard about floatation during an Advaita meditation meetup, and his world shifted rapidly from there. Quickly discovering the profound physical and spiritual health benefits of floating first hand, Ted decided to leave a long and tenured career in pharmacy in hopes of helping people in a much more holistic manner.

“I began my career in pharmacy because I wanted to help people, and while conventional medicine definitely has its place, it seemed as though there had to be a better way. When I first tried floating, it was like nothing I’d ever done before. Through the entire week after my first float, I was engaged in my everyday tasks from a completely new perspective. Despite the constant need to get things done as a pharmacist, I performed all of my tasks with a renewed sense of peace and wellbeing – I participated in my job at an effective level, but I was never “in” the hustle and bustle of it. Finally, I discovered what it meant to feel “grounded.” After that first week, there was no going back. I found floatation to be a viable alternative to dispensing potentially addictive pills, and better yet, this alternative treated the cause rather than the symptom. Creating AquaFloat has been one of the more trying tasks I’ve done, but it has been absolutely worth it. There is no better feeling than seeing the transformation that occurs between the moment a customer steps into the tank, to the moment they walk out, and I am truly grateful to be able to offer this to the Charlottesville community.”

Ted O’Neill
Owner, AquaFloat