Did you know that AquaFloat does many forms of Hydrotherapy? Not only do the flotation tanks offer healing powers through its relaxing, calming, super salty, warm waters; but our Massages and even the Infrared Sauna offer different forms of therapeutic benefits through the uses of water. By definition, hydrotherapy is the use of water in any of its three forms- solid, liquid, or vapor, internally or externally, in the treatment of disease or trauma.  Hydrotherapy is not only the application of water, but also how the body responds to the thermal applications. Water is definitely one of the easiest mediums to deliver multiple temperature variations, so the term is clearly derived, but the term thermotherapy could be a more specific definition. Hydrotherapy uses the various forms of water and temperatures to induce the body’s natural healing response.

Water is Healing

The primary effects of hydrotherapy are seen in our circulatory, musculoskeletal, and nervous systems. Hot and cold treatments carry different physiological responses to help maintain homeostasis- the body’s ability to regulate and balance normal and stable bodily functions, when faced with internal and external changes.

Blood flow is the key factor in manipulating the body’s homeostasis. When exposed to drastic temperature changes, the blood flow either increases or decreases.

Increased blood flow (heat) to an area reduces stress, pain and stiffness and promotes relaxation, immune response and tissue healing. Decreased blood flow (cold) reduces pain, swelling and inflammation and has a numbing effect. The major and most effective temperature used is by far heat!

Massage- hydrotherapy is used in the form of Hot Towels. In every massage you receive at AquaFloat, you will receive a hot towel treatment on particular body parts in need of extra melting and relaxing, to get in to deeper muscle layers and provide relief of adhesions, tensions, trigger points and generally just feels amazing!

Infrared Sauna- Even though this sauna is a dry sauna, the elevated temperatures induce sweating. This promotes detoxification and elimination of wastes through the sweating.  Sweating is the body’s safe and natural way to heal. Be sure to rehydrate all the water lost in your sweat session. The heat also provides relaxation, pain relief and various other benefits. We will be adding a second infrared sauna in the near future, so check out the Infrared Sauna now!

Flotation- Of course, these float tanks offer sensory deprivation allowing for a deep sense of relaxation, stress relief, meditation and pain relief. The saltwater offers healing treatment through its super saturated mix of Epsom salt providing magnesium, a vital and most often deficient mineral in our bodies. Sulfates are also delivered through Epsom salt and absorbed by the largest organ of our body, the skin. Raising magnesium and sulfate levels in the body improve circulation, nerve function, and flush toxins.